Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Saw a new-ish set of Fashionistas.

I had already seen each of these three months ago, but I was happy to see the stock is being replenished.  I started to regret passing up the tall Asian and the curvy blonde.  Now that I've seen them a second time, I'm happy again with the decision.  I hope more of the new dolls will show up soon.

#22 "Chambray Chic" has a really big head.  I wouldn't mind this doll with a different hair color, maybe.  This one had hair gel (I hope) all over her face.

#25 "Blue Brocade" is one I want to want, but I already own so many Mbili dolls.  I also don't care for her orange eyes.

Here's #30 "White & Pink Pizzazz" again.  I want to want her, but the head is just so big and flat in person.

The rest of those pseudo-Olympic swimsuit dolls showed up.  The Caucasian one is pretty ordinary.

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Smaller Places said...

"I want to want that one" is pretty much my reaction to that wave of Fashionistas. I like the concept, but whenever I see them in person, my wallet cringes down into the bottom of my purse and refuses to spit up a credit card.

Maybe the hinted-at articulated wave for fall will be more grabbing...