Monday, June 13, 2016

Fashionista 29 Terrific Teal

I saw her, liked her, and bought her.  There was only one on the shelf, the paint was good.  The top is only printed on the front.  It's a pretty material and print, and the colors compliment the face, but I feel like it overall looks like a clone fashion.  I'll keep buying them even if the fashions aren't so great.  I hope Mattel will keep pumping out more fresh waves of dolls, and I hope they won't self-sabotage by wedging in any more extremely generic dolls, because the shelves are still full of the ones from 2015.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

Four of the new Fashionistas (Part 2)

Here are the other two girls, petite #23 Love that Lace" and tall #29 "Terrific Teal" dolls, both with the same head mold.  Petite looks great in photos, but in person the eyes just seemed a bit strange.  I like her boots, I'll watch and see if a better one turns up.  I bought the tall girl.  It was hard to get my phone to focus on her face, but I'll try to photograph her tomorrow.

Four of the new Fashionistas (Part 1)

I saw these four fresh Fashionistas today, luck restocked the shelf just for me.

Here are the #19 "Ruby Red Floral" and curvy #32 "Dolled Up Denim" dolls.  Neither one really did it for me, though Lea 's face seemed kind of lopsided.  I think curvy and petite got the best fashions in this wave.

Stars & Stripes AA mystery doll with a lot of variation in the face paint

I saw these two dolls today, no others in sight.  There's no series name on the box, it looks like a generic no name swimsuit doll.  The surprise was how different the two faces are.  I never saw the 2015 Fashionista with this face in person, but both of these seemed distorted.

Monday, June 6, 2016

Spotted new~ish Barbie fashions & cute Kelly variation

I didn't buy anything.

Fashions!  If you have a seam ripper, you could remake pale Desiree's skirt and pair it with that top.

I also noticed this really cute Kelly/Chelsea friend variant.  I forgot to check the countries of manufacture.  They have completely different facial screening.  They're the same height in the box.  I thought about buying the one on the left, but one eye was higher on the head.  Its so bad, it even showed up in the photo.  I cant believe they're charging $7 for a Kelly with a molded top, blah.

Here's a Barbie shoe giftset from Big Lots.  This would be pretty tempting if the colors were a bit better.  I think it's old~ish, I may have passed it by several times.  It's not a bad price.

Here are two giftsets from Big Lots' imported clone, Lovely Patsy.  Honestly, they're pretty cheap.