Saturday, May 31, 2014

2009 Fashionistas Cutie

I bought this doll around the line debut, and never opened it.  I tried to get excited for the Fashionistas.  The return to realistic fashions and diverse dolls that everybody hoped for when the Fashionistas debuted never came in 2009.  I sold her off a while back.  She went to a girl who had adored her original Cutie until it broke beyond repair, so I'm glad that she went to a happy home and won't spend eternity in her box.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Disney Store Li Shang

 Li Shang is headed for the door.  Unlike most of the other Disney Store male dolls, he has real hair.  Unfortunately, he might also have the largest head of them all as well.  I halfway want to keep him, because the box is damaged and Asian male fashion dolls are pretty scarce.  Maybe if he got some shoulder pads, it would disguise the fact that his head is almost Bratz Boyz size.

Disney Store Cinderella's Prince Charming

Cinderella's Prince Charming joined Sleeping Beauty's Prince Charming in leaving my collection.  Like the other Disney guys, I don't care for the big heads, shiny polyester clothes, or poor articulation.  His jacket, sewn like a shirt, is almost transparent.  That's not very princely or charming.  I do think they're OK for kids, but I have too much stuff, and just being OK doesn't cut it anymore.

Of the trio of interchangeable Disney Store Princes, the only one I have kept is Snow White's The Prince.  I bought him first, and he seems to me to have a more pleasant face.  He's also the only one who isn't grinning.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Disney Store John Smith

John Smith is another Disney guy I sold off.  I feel like the heads on these are too smooth and featureless for their large size.  It's a bit awkward in person.  The paint job on his hairline was a mess.  I liked his boots.

Pocahontas Wardrobe & Friends Set

This is the fashion set that The Disney Store offered for a few years.  The Disney dolls gave me a polyester overload.  I sold it off because I own, or have owned, all the cheap shiny polyester I can handle for one lifetime.  This set is special because it gives Pocahontas some shoes, but since she has heel feet, they aren't exactly historically correct looking.  If the clothing pieces had been better made, I might have kept it.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Twilight Jasper Cullen

I don't care for Twilight, I just bought this guy for his clothes.  I appreciate the spate of new male head molds created just for Twilight, but Mattel's male dolls don't really do it for me.  Soon he'll go to eBay land.  There's no glitter on this guy, thankfully.

Disney Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs Doc & Sneezy

Other victims of my Disney purge were Doc and Sneezy.  I don't know if Mattel released all seven, no store seemed to have them all, and I didn't pay close attention.  These were cute, but I own too much crap.  Fashion dolls are my focus, and these were more like props.  These wore sewn tights and removable plastic shoes, but you can see none of the edges were hemmed on the tunics.  The likenesses are very good and the faces very sweet.