Friday, June 8, 2012

2012 Bratz Trend It Yasmin

The first few copies of this doll I found had bad eyes, I'm glad to have a good copy at last. I love her new eye print and raspberry pink lips. I almost love the fashion, but the ratty lace ends kind of spoil it. I've seen the other three in the lineup, but she's the only one I liked enough to buy. Here they all are on Flickr. My cell phone was stolen a few months ago, so I can't roam through stores snapping doll photos anymore.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Barbie Basics Denim #04 Goddess

I'm glad I could find this girl, but the ring around the iris is damaged on the left eye. It's not too bad, hopefully I can fix it if I ever get my act together. It's still the least wonky of all I saw, and I didn't want to pass her up. She reminds me of the Cali Girls. I love the sea green eyes next to the milky red hair.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

New Disney Store basic 12" dolls will roll out soon.

Even though I feel like several of last year's releases were a step backward, I really like the way The Disney Store keeps giving makeovers to their princess dolls.  Mattel releases the same exact heads line after line, year after year.  Despite the manufacturing quality problems, I appreciate The Disney Store's commitment to producing interesting dolls.

Here's a preview on Livejournal.   Here are a few comparisons with previous years on Flickr.  Some dolls seem to be following new character art set for this year, Cinderella and Belle now have fly-away hairs, the Snow White doll now has Farrah Fawcett hair instead of a flip.

The new 12" dolls will come with knee and ankle joints.  The characters who don't wear heels will finally have correct footwear.  The Brave/Merida doll was the first released with this feature.
  •  Snow White, Cinderella, and Aurora will have new face paint, with side-glancing eyes
  • Ariel will have a new head mold and also become a side-glancer.
  • Belle may have a new head mold, definitely has new eye and eyebrow prints.  She looks much more determined than previous versions.
  • Jasmine will have slightly different face paint, the colors look softer and I see fewer eyelashes.  She also will get a plastic necklace.
  • Pocahontas seems to be getting better dress fabric.
  • Mulan lost the puffy tulle layer over her skirt.
  • Tiana I'm not sure of, because they never updated her 2011 photos.  The 2010 doll is still shown on the site.
  • Rapunzel will have darker lip color and new shoes.

The website has already cleared most of the older dolls off the site.  I hope all the side character dolls will return when the new princesses are launched.  There will also be a doll of the queen from Brave.

Jenny Friend Doll Ellie (Totoco Exclusive)

This girl was pretty cheap on Mandarake, because of her damaged box.  The doll is in perfect shape, I like it this way, so I don't feel guilty about removing her.  I love the purple eyes and yellow eyeshadow, which are very sweet and subtle in person.

She's a Totoco store exclusive, I think from around 1996-1997, because she uses an unmarked version of the 10th Anniversary Friend Doll box.  There's absolutely no marking on the box to give this edition a title, or even to name her "Ellie" on the box.

I'm so glad to finally have a nice Ellie, the best ones get snatched up quickly.  She's always been popular with adult collectors, and the current small Jenny playline hasn't included her for years.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hudson's Dirt Cheap mini Monster High Haul

I was in Louisiana for the Memorial Day weekend, so I stopped by Hudson's Dirt Cheap, because I'm a  Dirt Cheap addict.  I picked up three Monster High dolls for just a few dollars each, because the shoes and clothes alone were worth the price.

First was a complete Draculaura with detached legs, wearing Frankie's earrings.  She obviously didn't see much play before she broke and was returned.  Her Wal-Mart return receipt was still taped to the box.

Second is Home Ick Frankie, or what's left of her.  Somebody shoplifted the doll, but the locker, second fashion, stand, and little accessories remain.

Third is a Killer style Draculaura with only one arm, wearing 1st edition Draculaura's earrings, attached to a 1st edition card, which was inserted into a Clawdeen wig box.  The shirt is pretty worn out, but the other clothes look untouched.  Go figure.  I love Hudson's.