Thursday, May 30, 2013

Flora and the flowers

She's my only modern Flora, and I think a pretty good one. She has a very vibrant hair color I've never seen on American dolls.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

My roaming cell phone pictures return.

Yay!  I made a mistake by not hoarding up Monster High while I was down south, because my local stores are still stuck in 2012.  How frustrating.

Roller Maze Abbey is the closest thing to new I see.  She has a sleek look, but I don't feel like I need another Abbey while I already have two almost identical ones.  Those two looked distinctive in stores, but at home it wore off, the same might be true for this one.

This Lagoona also has an interesting hair style, a bit OOAK.
I'm not dead yet.  Most of my doll time is currently spent taking stuff out of storage and weeding through it, boxing, photographing, and eBaying the stuff I don't "need" anymore.

Monday, May 6, 2013

Monster High Factory Rejects Part 2

Continued from the first post, here's the rest of them.

Here are a few Frankies with new hair colors.

Here's another set of Draculauras.  Ouch!

Here's a mixed bag of rejects.  Most don't have lip paint, it's interesting how big a difference that makes on the overall look of the doll.
Here's another blonde Cleo.

For comparison, there are also some fairly well made clone heads.  I'm sure they're less authentic looking in person.

Oddball Monster High factory rejects on TaoBao (Part 1)

I haven't had much time for dolls recently, busy with other stuff.  I thought I'd post these Monster High factory reject heads before the pages are lost in the usual internet cycle.  I don't usually re-post pictures from other pages, but these are on TaoBao, and won't be around forever.  Most of the interesting heads have already sold.  I won't buy one, considering how poor some of the non-reject dolls are.

I'll start with the listing that contains my favorite, the ghost CAM, painted without lipstick and the dark band behind the eyes.  It's a completely different look from the final doll.
In another post by the same seller, we see Draculaura in all black and Ghoulia blue.

In another sales post, mixed in with relatively normal rejects, there are these:
This next seller unfortunately only sends heads out randomly, because they have a Cleo molded in Frankie green without her lower lashes.  Sales post #1 and #2.

From the same seller as above, there are several other posts.  One is all Draculaura with various hair colors.

I'm going to split this post into two parts, because the blogger interface is about to crash itself every time I embed another photo.