Thursday, December 11, 2014

A quick lesson in the futility of NRFB playline collecting

I was digging through my shelf, looking for things to photograph and sell. I decided to part with Disney Store's second version of Jasmine, because I prefer the first.

Once I had her out in the sun, I realized something was amiss.  Some kind of stain has formed all over her pants.  I suspect machine oil from the factory has oxidized.  I can't sell it in this condition, I might as well take her out and enjoy her, and wash the clothes.

At least the doll is cute, and wasn't expensive.

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

1st wave Ghoulia Yelps, adieu!

The night my sewing machine broke, I decided to sell Ghoulia to partially fill the hole in my budget.  I photographed her, and the next morning, my digital camera died.  She sold a few weeks ago, and I'm kicking off another purge.

Even though I liked Ghoulia, I don't like having so much stuff.  I enjoy almost everything I have individually, but I own a mountain of fragile boxes of boxes.  I can't display everything at once, and things manage to get damaged in even in storage.

She was one of the first MH dolls I bought.  I'm starting to feel like I could happily thin my collection down to maybe a half dozen dolls.

Monday, December 8, 2014

TaoBao eyes part 2

Four pairs of low-end eyes with small irises.  Only the blue pair has any threading.  The others are from Mini Fairy Tales, here's their full shop, or just the tiny iris eyes.

All look good on their own, but only the all-green ones satisfy me in a doll.  The blue ones are good quality, but very bright, it clashes with the skin tones in peson.  My pictures:

Enough synthetic hair wefts to make five custom wigs for my dolls with abnormal head sizes.  A silicone head protector in 60cm and 60cm small.  One set of Happy Camille eyelashes in brown.

I haven't used the protectors yet.  The eyelashes are perfect.  The hair wefts are OK, but the seller sent 3 gray and 1 black instead of 2 each.  Eh.

Now I need to work on nice, new clothes for everybody.  It's cold and hard to find motivation.

TaoBao glass eyeball order

I ordered twelve pairs of eyes and miscellaneous sundries.  It's always hard to order eyes, you never know exactly what you'll get.  Sorry for the overcast photos, I've had these for three weeks, and it's been dreary the entire time.  And my camera sucks.

Gray eyes in 16mm, small iris option, by Yuni's House
 Promo Photo:
My Photo:

I got the last pair with the small iris option.  The threading isn't very noticeable in person, but it's better than nothing.  Here they are compared to Hand Glass 14mm in Light Thorne.  The small pupil eyes fill the eye socket well, though they don't have the depth or sparkle of Hand Glass.

Now, flipped sides in the doll, Estella B:

Brown-brown eyes in 16mm by Happy Camille
Promo Photo:

These are gorgeous and subtle in person.  The yellow threading is exquisite, they have an incredible amount of depth.  I wish this company made more colors, the only other is a demon rabbit pink-red.  My Photos:

Green eyes in 16mm, small iris option, by Mao Doll
Promo Photos:

These are also lovely.  The threading looks natural and alive, I generally prefer this over the spiral type.  I bought these for Estella, but maybe I like large irises for her.  My Photos:

5 pairs of MumuBJD glass eyes, in 16mm.  I requested small irises for the two pairs on the right. 

None arrived with small irises.  It's frustrating.  They're still all lovely.

The pair in the upper right, also the pair I wanted the very most, doesn't really look like the promo picture.  The pupil is flat black with a blue outer ring.  One eyeball also had irregularities in the whites.  The photos are more forgiving than real life.

The metallic blue pair turned out to be turquoise-gray.  I prefer the purple metallic pair, which also looks closer to the promo pic.  Both pupils are dark blue, almost black.

The blue-blue-blue pair is lovely.  The iris is a lighter blue on one side, and the dark blue pupil casts a subtle blue shadow inside the eye.

The middle pair is stunning.  The dome is extra high, the interior is beautifully distorted, the details shimmer around inside like a mirage.  The pupil on one is off center, but I don't care.  I can twist it around in the head.