Saturday, September 29, 2012

LSU Cheerleader Barbie AA version

Rush of Rose Gold Barbie was my 2nd quarter BC purchase, and LSU Cheerleader Barbie was my 3rd quarter purchase.  I was going to hold out and buy this girl in person, but I won't visit LSU country until around Christmas, and I couldn't wait that long.  I only intend to keep the doll, the outfit will go, not because I'm that hard up for cash, but because I really don't care about team sports.

Mattel hasn't used the 1990 Nichelle head mold for a doll in ages.  This is the first and only doll I have with it, because I'm not too crazy about the 1990s face painting styles.  She looks as lovely and modern as any of the SIS girls.

The eyes on mine aren't quite centered properly on the face, but the eyes are both well done, so it's more forgivable.  Both eyes are about the same size, with the same amount of white on either side of the iris.  Compared to some of the messy Basics I've seen, LSU Barbie is very well off.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Rush of Rose Gold Barbie

I really hate buying dolls without seeing real pictures of them first. It's always a big gamble. In this case, I like everything about this doll, except the red line under her eyeball. It's really red, and it's all I can see when I look at her face. The dress is made of my least favorite fabric ever.  She would be beautiful to me otherwise.

I wasn't sure what to do with her, but sometime next month I have to get two back teeth and at least two wisdom teeth extracted, and the bills mean she's headed for eBay ASAP. She's not the only one, either.

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Bratz Neon Runway Cloe

I can't completely understand why I was willing to spend almost $20 on this doll, but I did. She reminds me a bit of the tacky 80s and 90s dols I had as a kid, but not in a bad way.

 She has five shades of purple in her eyeshadow, and three or four shades of blue in her eyes.  This is the regular hair color version.  I think the version with only pink streaks is more attractive, but couldn't find one that pleased me.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Takara Jenny Limited Edition Friend Meirin

I've slowly been building up my Jenny friend collection. Meirin never impressed me in photos, but I bought one to have another older Friend doll. She's much cuter in person than I had expected. I love that sweet little face.

Bratz Boyz on the Mic Eitan

Here's another clearance buy, back from the winter, it seems like all the revival Bratz lines don't sell until clearance. When the temperature goes below freezing, I go into hibernation and can't take photographs.

This is my only Bratz Boy. I really only got him for his nice shirt. It was tempting to strip him and sell off the doll, but I feel bad about the huge gender imbalance in my collection.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Bratz Featherageous Jade

Here's another discount buy. She's very similar to the Neon Runway doll. I passed her up initially, but came back a week later and bought her as well. I tried to be good, but I'm a sucker for the blue hair and blue eyeshadow.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bratz Neon Runway Jade

Wal-Mart marked down the Neon Runway girls a few weeks ago, and even at $13 these didn't fly off the shelves.  I'm glad I waited for this girl, though I paid full price for the other two.  I don't think the Sasha from this line ever made it into production, there don't seem to be any photos online except for a single wholesaler photo.

I love the four different shades of green in the eyeshadow.  The outfit is underwhelming.