Friday, July 8, 2016

Modern Angels Garden line from Licca Castle

In the past few years, Licca Castle has rolled out new Angels Garden Jenny dolls, using the old eye prints, in more modern hair and eye color selections.  Angels Garden International School was a playline series from 1999-2001, designed to be more attractive to then-kids, with 1990's anime styled eye prints.  The friend Lillian even got her own head mold that barely has a nose.

I don't like to steal pics from other sites, but maybe it will seem a bit less egregious if I combine them all into one.  Here are the AG dolls currently advertised on the Licca Castle online shop, there have been other event/store exclusives.

You can see how different the same exact dolls can look, just from a change in paint colors and hairstyles.  These are also made in Japan in small batches, unlike the original AGIS dolls, which were mass produced in China.  I don't own any of the original AGIS dolls, but I would like some of these, some day.  Licca Castle catalog dolls are usually available for a few years, but they do eventually purge them.

Here are a several Japanese blogs that posted pictures from recent Licca Castle displays.

Places where you can easily get new Angel's Garden dolls online:

  • Licca Castle shop's Angels Garden section.  They don't ship outside of Japan, so anyone who is will need either a shopping service or reshipping service.
  • Mandarake.  Here's a search for "Little Factory Jenny," which is apparently how they are marked on the box.
  • Found in Japan.  I've never purchased from this site, but they've been around a while, and most of the prices seem fairly reasonable for a small English-speaking shop.

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