Sunday, January 30, 2011

This website may be broadcasting your private data all over the internet.

The site in question is Spokeo.

I just found out about this, and it really pisses me off. It has all the private data they could possibly mine about you, your friends, and your family. It doesn't even honor unlisted numbers, some of which are unlisted for very good reasons.

I'm a private person. I don't have a Facebook, a Twitter, any of that sort of thing. I have an old MySpace under a joke name, for talking to people I know in real life.

The good news is that there's a "Privacy" link at the bottom of the page, and they will remove your information from their site. But they may re-add it in the future, so you have to keep your eye on them.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Studio It Janay

I came across her the other day, while shuffling the dolls under my bed. These girls were so lovely, well made, and inexpensive. I should have bought one of every single design.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Axis of Evil Month!

I hoped this quote was made up, but no such luck! Somebody at Mattel has lost their mind.

"Keller, MGA's attorney, presented jurors with a 2004 Mattel internal memo titled "Fight Fire With Fire," which said the company was under attack in a "rival-led Barbie genocide."

"This is war and sides must be taken: Barbie stands for good. All others stand for evil," the memo read."
The attitude that Mattel has an entitlement to your cash probably isn't that shocking.

I declare Evil Doll Month. For the next 4 weeks, I will only post about non-Mattel dolls.

There's no rest for the wicked, so I'm off to work.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Wizard and ToyFare magazines close.

Two more toy publications are dead.

It looks like doll publications aren't the only ones to feel the heat. With the internet around, I think toy publications have become expensive print catalogs.

The Comics Code Authority is also now dead.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Friday, January 21, 2011

Disney Disappointment

Sometimes, money is spent and things just don't work out. I got my box of goodies from the Disney Store today.

The first doll I pulled out was jointed Princess Snow White. She's perfect. I can ignore the cheap fashion because the face is so nice.

Then I pulled out the star of the order. Poor Ursula has a glob of green paint on her eye. Sigh.

Last came Mulan and Pocahontas. I know I've complained about wonky eyes before, but this really takes the cake. This head is huge, it's not a tiny mistake.

Pocahontas isn't quite as bad, but one eye is still bigger than the other, and the blue eye shading is only on one eye.

The dresses on all of them are super cheap. I guess I'll save the sadder three for eBay or Toys for Tots.

Monday, January 17, 2011

More from Wal-Mart II

And now the non-Mattel dolls.

Wal-Mart had an exclusive Liv that has a really nice face. She's on the right, compared to the Outdoor version on the left. I think the regular version is more photogenic, but the WM exclusive looks more natural in person.

An I finally get to see more of the new Bratz. I love both of these, but I'm not up for buying them.

And new-er-ish Bratz Rock dolls. The fashions are all so great.

And Moxie Teenz Bijou and her wonderful fashion. She even has trendy "copper" jewelry.

And finally, I love the prototype for this Moxie Girlz fashion, it's just not so great in execution.

I went for two things, and only got one. I got a DOTW Russia, but they were all sold out of wash-away fabric stabilizer. I guess I'll have to order a bolt online.

More from Wal-Mart

I went to my regular Wal-Mart. They have taken down the old Basics display, and it doesn't look like they have much shelf space devoted to collector dolls anymore. Boo!

Here's Japan Barbie. I'm on the fence about this doll.

This little thing was marked down to $4.50. Everything except the head is coated in glitter.

I like this little tart, but can't afford to collect another type of dolls.

And the Pastry SIS dolls. I want Trichelle's dress, but right now I can't justify spending $12+tax for just one outfit, and a duplicate doll.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Licca Castle Confession

Their online shop has been offering 20% off dolls from 2007 and earlier. I gave in and grabbed three older friends, and a new-ish Tamaki I've had my eye on for a long time.

The older three characters seem to have fallen out of favor. I prefer the older looking designs to Angel's Garden, Ayano, Mirai, Puffy, etc... I'm especially happy with Abel, I love short haired dolls.

Now, to wait on the shopping service.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

New-ish Bratz

They had two Bratz fashion packs for $4.99 each. I hope there are more styles out there.

And they restocked the basic Bratz. I love the hazel eyes on this Sasha.

I would have bought this one if the cute top had been hemmed properly. That material is going to fall apart like crazy, I'm sewing with some right now. It unravels faster than you can push it through the serger.

New Liv

New Liv dolls were out, but no new clothes. No old clothes, either!

I think the faces are getting more natural looking with every release.

I can't say the same thing about the male Liv. The face looks really big and lumpy.

Most disappointing false advertising ever?

It looked so promising from afar.

I also spotted the Skipper and Chelsea skate set, and crossed it completely off my wishlist. Skipper's head is really wide. I noticed the same thing about "Perfect Boyfriend" Ken. I don't know if the wide heads are an aesthetic thing, or the result of rushed manufacturing.

New-ish 1/6th scale Ursula at Disney Store

$10 right now with free shipping.

Look who just crawled up from the deep! I'm not ashamed to gripe about the lack of Disney villain dolls.

Should I order one, just for the heck of it? I don't really know, because some of the new jointed Princess dolls have fabulous Dynamite Girls-esque faces.

Snow White

The dresses look almost dollar store quality, and I haven't bought a Disney doll since the 90s. Kinda tempted, kinda not. The lack of nice clothing is a huge turn-off.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

AAAAAAH! Barbie Basics 2.5 Scoop!

Bill G. over on just confirmed that a Basics 2.5 Collection is coming, with articulation, though he can't say which model numbers will be included yet.

Oh boy! Oh boy!

Here's the thread, if you can view it. It's not much information, but still exciting.

ETA 2/19/11:
This post is bringing in a lot of traffic, so I'll update it with Toy Fair pics.

Pics of all three dolls
Pic by BarbieZania #1
Pic by BarbieZania #2
Pic by MAW Photo

Pics of #14 (Louboutin face)
Pic by BarbieZania #1
Pic by BarbieZania #2 (shoes)

Pics of #4 (Goddess face)
Pic by BarbieZania #1
Pic by BarbieZania #2 (shoes)

Pics of #8 (Mbili face)
Pic by BarbieZania #1
Pic by BarbieZania #2
Pic by BarbieZania #3
Pic by BarbieZania #4 (shoes)

Pics of accessories look 01:
Pic by BarbieZania #1
Pic by BarbieZania #2
Pic by BarbieZania #3
Pic by BarbieZania #4
Pic by BarbieZania #5
Pic by MAW Photo

Pics of accessories look 02:
Pic by BarbieZania #1 (everything)
Pic by BarbieZania #2 (Gold)
Pic by BarbieZania #3 (Silver)
Pic by BarbieZania #4 (Copper)
Pic by MAW Photo

ETA 10/22/2011: I have my own pictures of 04, 08, 14, and both Look packs.

Friday, January 7, 2011

More Barbie

I listed a few things on eBay tonight. I'm always afraid I will forget my auctions, and people will pay, chargeback, and my reputation will be ruined.

Anyway, here's the Sisters Skate Barbie. It looks the same as all the other recent Generation Girl big heads, except it has lots of purple eyeshadow.

I've already beheaded it and clipped off the neck harpoon.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Heads Up! Lorifina's Liquidation

A few weeks ago, Ricreate on the Lorifina eGroup noticed previously unreleased Lorifina goodies popping up on eBay. Now, Hasbro has donated some (all?) of the remaining stock to charity.

I may buy some of the shoes, and try to find another doll to wear them. They really are fantastic.

I don't understand why Hasbro produced a second wave of clothing, but didn't try to sell any of it.

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wal-Mart Dolls

Here are two dolls I saw last week at Wal-Mart

First, here's a Big Ben Barbie busting out of her dress. Maybe she's on her way to Mardi Gras.

Second, is a Black Friday doll, different from the ones advertised on I was able to resist her kanekalon charms.

Monday, January 3, 2011

I like Stacie's face.

She looks like a good kid. I hope I can get Skipper eventually.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sisters Skate Stacie set

I was pretty happy to see this in Wal-Mart's clearance section. Stacie is a cutie, the Barbie will join the ever-growing pile of nudes.