Saturday, July 12, 2014

Dolls I almost bought today, but had the self control to stop myself.

It's so tempting to buy junk I don't need.  I reigned myself in today, it feels like a success.

Ballerina Lea

She's lovely and serene, but doesn't outshine the similar Shanghai Barbie store doll that I already have.  $8 is also over my budget for a doll without a real body, any clothes, or shoes.  Only one was left on the shelf.

Barbie Accessory Packs
I bought the 2012 or 2013 versions of these last year and still haven't opened them.  While it's tempting, neon pink accessories just aren't as useful in coordinating as I had hoped.  I already have that heart purse in two colors.

Ghoul Spirit Venus
She has a nice face, but the outfit is bland and uninspired. 

Roughly 1/3 scale skateboard

They have these at Dollar Tree.  They're flimsy and about 9-10 inches long.  There are three designs for the bottom, the tops are all the same.  All the graphics are paper stickers.  They make nice doll props, but I'm not sure how a kid would play with one.