Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Jessie hanging out

I took down her hair, unfortunately there's not much to work with.  I had forgotten how few poses the bellybutton body is capable of.  Somebody small and squeaky grew very jealous of the doll, so the photography was over quickly.

Wiggles seems to understand the concept of a doll, and that any doll is a rival for attention and affection.  She doesn't need to witness a specific doll getting attention, she can differentiate any doll from other random inanimate objects.  Sometimes I catch her studying their faces.

Friday, August 16, 2013

13 Wishes Freshwater Lagoona Blue

Even as I dump dolls on eBay, I couldn't stop myself from buying another one.  In my defense, she's possibly the cutest Monster High doll so far.  Lagoona Blue somehow collided with Francie, and this is the result.

She's a ye-ye sea monster with big doe eyes, soft nude lips, and a skin color near the Three Eyed Girl CAM.  I had to hunt to find on with the bangs cut right above the eyes, I think that really makes the look.
The dress is pretty simple for a $20 release, it feels more like a swimsuit line piece.  It manages to hit three of my pet peeves at once; unhemmed knit mesh, unhemmed skirt, and goofy jagged edges.
I don't think Mattel can top this Lagoona.  She's very vibrant and strange, but there's nothing harsh about her.

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Skelita out and about

Skelita made it out of the box, unlike most of my MH. Mattel needs to made a boyfriend for her, I think he should be acid green.  

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Scaris Skelita Calaveras

I did actually buy something.  I finally found a Skelita I'm OK with.  She's got a smudge next to her nose, but better there than on an eye.  It's great that something so wild is finally marketed to girls.  It's also great to see a spooky doll in a horror-themed line, as opposed to another pastel glittery thing that might as well be a Barbie fairy.

She's a bit wobbly compared to the other dolls.  Her shoulder joints are troublesome to bend.  I'm not sure whether or not I should take off the clear support structure under her clothes.  I'll leave it there for now.  The hair's pretty messy.

Almost in Monster High Heaven

This is when the flood starts, I guess.  Since Howleen's first edition was an eBay exclusive, this is my first time seeing her.  I'm not really sold on her.  Out of all the strange concepts possible, she's a paler version of Clawdeen with pink hair.  I prefer the face of the Dance Class Howleen, unfortunately the fashion is very bland.
The Music Festival Abbey and Venus showed up.  I really want the swimsuit Venus doll, but those are all still unseen.  Abbey is pretty cute, she's getting better with every release.
Then I saw Clawdeen over at Kroger's.  I'm don't appreciate purple and red together, that's why I have passed on several Frankies.
Back at Walmart, Haunt the Casbah Draculaura, Frankie, and Clawdeen have been hanging around for a few weeks.  These actually look like deluxe edition dolls, have plenty of details and lovely color palettes.  This Frankie has unusually dainty lips.  They all have tinsel hair and chunky facial glitter, which is a shame.

Ghoul's Night Out arrived.  Spectra has a very appealing magenta mixed into her hair, but the eye shape seemed off on all of them.  I can't even care about Lagoona, she's pretty uninspired here.  This one had a seven year itch.
Twyla is one I'm going to wait for later production waves on.  The eyes on most were really tiny and close together.  The few I saw with larger eyes all had smudges, which is a shame.  I like the ethereal color choices for her.
Also on my big wishlist is the Create a Monster Gorgon and Mummy set.  The gorgon had an eye smudge in this set, but the mummy was perfect, it was hard to leave.

I'll finish off my post with some Bratzillas that are on clearance everywhere.  Even at reduced prices, I never can commit to buying one.