Saturday, September 27, 2014

A sampling of things I've been up to

The pictures were taken with my cell phone.  I've been squandering a few ball jointed dolls for several years, because I have never been able to finish the faceups or clothes to my liking. My goal is to get an acceptable faceup on each doll before it gets too cold for painting, and I'll focus on the clothes after that.

 I broke down and bought a few dozen real pastels in appropriate human colors.  I should have done this a long time ago.  It's a night and day difference.  The colors look a thousand times better on the resin.  I still can't paint lower eyelashes at all, so to hell with them.  Previously, I ruined all my work trying hundreds of times to re-do them.  I'll just leave them off completely.

Friday, September 26, 2014

It's my 31st, regular posts will be back soon.

It's my birthday, and one of my goals for the past few months was getting my hobbies back on track.  More doing things, less laziness.  Unfortunately, life has tried its hardest to derail me.  My 35 year old sewing machine died in the middle of some projects, then my 11 year old camera died two days later, as I photographed some stuff to sell to replace the sewing machine.  I tempted fate by joking about which of my ancient electronics would die next, and my 18 year old cat died a few days after that.  A week or so later, my 17 year old cat vanished into the night after him.

I went to retrieve a photo so I could make a poster, and the CMOD battery had died on my desktop.  My backup harddrive for photos had a heart attack.  Then my media card reader died.  Is this real life?

I've got some accessories for a backup hand-me-down camera in the mail.  I've moved beyond frustration and grief because the past few weeks are too ridiculous to have actually happened.

I'll actually have real updates in a week or two.  Cheers!