Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Barbie Basics #13 rerooted in eggplant purple

Here's a quickie. I finished up this reroot I had left unfinished for probably a year. There's a reason I can't cash in on my rerooting skills. The color is Katsilk nylon 825. Restore-Doll's photo color is accurate, mine is way too blue for some reason. The color has a lot of red in it, so much that it stained the inside of the neck hole while I was working with it.

825 is a nice color, it looks almost black under artificial lights.  In sunlight, it almost glows, despite being a dark color.  Direct sunlight isn't the place to display dolls, unfortunately.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Takara Jenny Friend Naomi

A year or two ago, I won a collection of Jenny friends on eBay, and never sorted out the extras that I didn't want.  It's hard for me to part with any Jenny friend, because almost all of them are hard to come by in the US.

This is a Naomi.  I couldn't find any info on her through Japanese sites, but I think the swimsuit is her original fashion.  She's probably a shop or event exclusive.  I'm not too fond of her face paint color combo.  I tossed her on eBay, and still feel kind of regretful.  One day I'll find my dream Naomi doll, with a more natural color scheme.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Three Eyes gets some wig implants

I added a few plugs of Katsilk nylon color 809 into the front of Three Eyed Ghoul's wig.  Saran would have worked better, the wig is saran, but I already owned the nylon.

I gave her a cute flip hairdo, but the saran slowly lost all its curl over a two day period.  Nylon is much better at fighting gravity.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

AA Stardoll "Pretty n' Love Style 2"

I'm so glad to finally have this girl. I've been hunting for a good one since their release last December. There's a scratch in her right eyebrow, but I can tolerate it more than the other myriad types of defects I've seen.  Despite what Mattel seems to think, people really do care about messy face paint.  In my area, collectors quickly pick over new stock, and leave behind the messiest dolls.  Target had $7.50 Stardolls last week, but I passed, because the eyes were all horribly distorted.

I've got a Fashionista body saved for this girl, but I can't remember where I packed it away.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

Three Eyed Ghoul add-on pack

I broke down and grabbed this girl a few days ago. The paint isn't perfect, but a better one may never show up near me. The wig kind of sucks, the wig cap isn't covered at the part.

She looks a lot less severe out of the packaging. I'm glad to finally put my blue torso to use.