Thursday, September 22, 2016

I brag about Hudson's finds.

Here are two recent Hudson's Dirt Cheap purchases.  Here are the girls I left behind.

I love shopping at Hudson's stores.  My grandmother loved it, my late aunt loved it.  I used to not live near one, but recently moved, so now I can dig for deals regularly.  Hudson's stores are where everything goes when no regular store wants it anymore.  Each shipment of junk gets a tag with a batch number and the original price (you hope) and they mark things down more the longer they sit out.  It's great if you only want to keep select pieces from a toy.  In this case, I can sell the dresses on eBay for a fair price, and not loose all my money to eBay fees.

I don't want to make Hudson's sound completely magical.  You have to check everything over completely.  My dolls were in mint condition in the crushed boxes, as were the redhead Teresas I left behind.  One copy of Curvy Blue had her neck snapped, though.  They are also bad for mis-pricing the original retail.

$24.99 "original price" for an $8 double fashion set, with one fashion stolen.  If this makes it down to 90% off, I might buy it and the unfortunate blue girl just for the shoes.  Speaking of shoes, Target has dumped their Bratz stock.

Dolls, shoes, playsets, fashions, it's all there at 40% off.  But regular stores had much better deals than that.  I won't touch it until it's at least 80% off, but that will be a few months away, and parents might buy it all first.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I finally got my curvy Fashionista brunette.

I saw plenty of copies, but one eye is usually larger or skewed at a different angle on the head.  It took a while, but I finally found one that satisfied me.

Unfortunately, the top stitching on the collar is a little messy.  I don't know if I should wait for another, or just free her from the box .  I think I should just free her.

It's hard to get up the motivation, though.  I know she can't pose much, and most clothes won't fit her.