Monday, September 26, 2011

Bratz Boyz roundup

The Boyz ship separately from the Girlz, maybe MGA doesn't trust them in a sealed box together. They seem like good boys to me.

Masquerade Gable
He's very Robin Hood: Men in Tights.

Masquerade Penn
I would buy this guy if he had a smaller head. He could hang out with Deuce.

On the Mic Eitan
I want to get this doll on sale, just for the shirt. The print is cool, and it's really screen printed, not a plastic decal.

On the Mic Thad
No more fauxhawks, please.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Dollar Tree clone dolls

Dollar Tree is preparing for the Christmas rush. It's been years since I last saw so many clone fashions in one place. They're very cheap, and don't even have shoes.

They only have one Barbie clone in the store, Summer Cruzin 66. I love how the clone box themes never have anything to do with the dolls inside, and it's always the same doll.

They also have these fun Kelly clone furniture sets. I won't buy them, but I think they're a good deal for kids.

The cute bags remind me of vintage Barbie, but I don't need any more random bags.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Bratz All Glammed Up Designer Streaks

Bratz All Glammed Up Designer Streaks are Cloe and Yasmin. If there are more characters, I didn't see any. I'm so glad there are so many dolls with wild hair colors these days.

I think Yasmin has particularly nice face colors, but white pants and hair dye are a bad combination.

Target Exclusive dolls (Playline)

I like the clothes on Sweetie and Sassy, but I'm not buying any more full price playline dolls just for the clothes. Especially not for 21.99, yikes! Sassy reminds me of Clash.

I can live without Gloom Beach Ghoulia. I'm not re-buying duplicate dolls, especially not for a series with so many poorly painted dolls.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Target Exclusive dolls (Collector)

I don't go to Target often. My prize was the new Target Lara Basic. I'll post a good photo as soon as I can find my camera. The Demin Basics boxes are falling apart everywhere, I think it's scaring away collectors.

I always use cash, so I won't buy expensive things, like the Gloom Beach 5-pack. I left a lot behind. I grabbed two Monster High dolls on sale, and a NYC Fashionistas pack.

I didn't buy either of the red accessory packs. I've got so much already.