Monday, July 18, 2016

2015 Bratz Selfiesnaps Jade

This post was delayed since before Christmas, because malware messed up my old harddrive.  I ordered Jade from an Amazon sale, along with a book and some presents.  I came home one rainy day and saw Fed Ex had left my Amazon box on the grass, soaked.  Poor Jade was soggy, but her face paint was perfect, so I kept her.  It was a great excuse to debox.

I had to return the hardcover book that had turned into a sponge.  The other things in the box survived because they were stacked on top of the book and Jade.

Back to soggy Jade.  She dried out just fine, everything is polyester or plastic, anyway.  She's the only 2015 doll I really, really wanted.  My only complaints are the sloppy paint job on the shoes, and the unhemmed slit up the sides of the pants.  Everything else is cute.

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