Monday, June 13, 2016

Fashionista 29 Terrific Teal

I saw her, liked her, and bought her.  There was only one on the shelf, the paint was good.  The top is only printed on the front.  It's a pretty material and print, and the colors compliment the face, but I feel like it overall looks like a clone fashion.  I'll keep buying them even if the fashions aren't so great.  I hope Mattel will keep pumping out more fresh waves of dolls, and I hope they won't self-sabotage by wedging in any more extremely generic dolls, because the shelves are still full of the ones from 2015.


jSarie said...

I really like the hair colour on this one - I hope the Fashionistas keep getting these interesting hair types/colours/styles.

olla123 said...

Śliczna panna i ma wspaniałe loki! Piękna!