Saturday, June 26, 2010

"Encounter With Yoda on Dagobah" model kit

My dad was cleaning up the basement and this was down there. I wanted it so badly in the 1990s, but the price for it was always ridiculous. Years later, it showed up at Big Lots for around $5, and I bought it just because. It never got assembled.

I don't like the movies anymore, but I decided to assemble it.

Maybe that's a bit of a lie. I do like the movies, as they were 30 years ago. Not the slew of garbage and over-exposure that started in 1999.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Post #100 is Sakurana!

I'm going to re-take the shots tomorrow. It was too cloudy, and mosquitoes everywhere. They were even biting Sakurana through her jeans!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Brown Box Juria

I'm so glad that Takara uses Saran hair by default. Primping a ten year old perm is hard work.

I love how the dark-lipped dolls with this mold look more closed-mouth, but the light ones look open-mouthed.

Fashion Fever Furniture

Back in 2007, I bought as much Fashion Fever furniture as I could. I realized that the playline had died.

I'm deboxing it now because the boxes take up a HUGE amount of space, and are falling apart.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Friday, June 18, 2010

New Jennys are up for pre-order, promo shots are out.

Robochris on Rakuten is taking pre-orders, and has promo photos up. I don't know if they ship internationally.

HLJ has the new dolls listed without pictures.

HLJ has only five listings for the fashion separates. I hope it's just a misunderstanding. 600 Yen per piece is too expensive to buy them at random.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Photogenic Jenny is here!

She's competing against Malibu Barbie in the Skin Cancer Olympics.

As I had expected, she's more of a manba deep tan than an African color. I hope there's a real black Jenny some day.

I don't really have anything for her to wear, but I gave her a FF necklace.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Jenny hiragana/katakana/kanji cheat sheet

(Ugh, I had to edit this several times, it's not saving properly.)

Takara-------------------- タカラ
Tomy--------------------- トミー
Takaratomy--------------- タカラトミー

Ningyo (Doll)-------------- 人形
Do-ru (Doll)---------------
Do-ri (Dolly)---------------

Jenny---------------------- ジェニー
Barbie--------------------- バービー
MaBaBarbie--------------- マーバ バービー

Angel's Garden------------エンジェルズガーデン

Calendar Girl--------------カレンダーガール
Licca Castle------------------------
リカちゃんキャッ ス ル
Takarabako---------------- タカラバコ
Jenny Friend-------------- ジェニーフレンド
Boyfriend------------------ ボーイフレンド
Jenny's Club--------------- ジェニーズクラブ
New Jennys Club-----------ニュージェニーズクラブ
Ellie's Club------------------エリーズクラブ
Jenny Mate----------------ジェニーメイト
Nice Jenny----------------- ナイスジェニー

Aiko----------------------- あいこ
Airi------------------------ アイリ
Annie---------------------- アニー
Aya------------------------ アヤ
Charles-------------------- チャールズ
Chelsea-------------------- チェルシー
Chihiro-------------------- ちひろ
Ellie----------------------- エリー
Erika---------------------- エリカ
Elise---------------------- エリーゼ
Eurissia------------------- ユリーシア
Excelina------------------- エクセリーナ
Flora--------------------- フローラ
Fransois------------------ フランソワ
Hinano----------------- ひなの
Jane-------------------- ジェーン
Jeff---------------------- ジェフ
Jessica----------------- ジェシカ
Judy------------------ ジュディ
Julia------------------- ジュリア
Laura----------------- ローラ
Lie-------------------- リエ
Lilian----------------- リリアン
Lina------------------ リナ
Lisa------------------- リサ
Marine---------------- マリーン

Marry----------------- マリー
Meilin----------------- メイリン
Mike-------------------- マイク
Mille Feuille-----------ミルフィーユ
Moe------------------ モエ
Nanako Hoshizawa----星澤奈々子
Puffy------------------ パフィ
Raph--------------------- レイフ
Rosana----------------- ロザーナ
Sakurako-------------- 桜子
Sayaka----------------- サヤカ
Sayuri------------------ サユリ
Sheena------------------ シーナ
Sherry------------------ シェリ
Shion------------------- シオン
Suzy-------------------- スージー
Takumi----------------- タクミ
Tamaki----------------- たまき
Timotei----------------- ティモテ
Tom-------------------- トム
Tomoki----------------- トモキ
Valerie------------------- バレリー
Yumi--------------------- 由美
Yumi (Katsura)-----------桂由美

Princess Jenny------------------ プリンセスジェニー
Color Change--------------------カラー チェンジ
World-------------------------- ワールド
Starlight Jenny-----------------ス ターライトジェニー
Japanese Vogue (magazine)---日本ヴォーグ
Fairyfield--------------------- フェアリーフィールド
Miss Jenny-------------------ミス ジェニー
Rainbow Jenny---------------レインボージェニー
Chao Jenny------------------ちゃおジェニー
Gracey Jenny-----------------グレイシージェニー
Natural Body-----------------ナチュラルボディ
Eighteen Jenny---------------エイティーンジェニー
18 Jenny---------------------18才のジェニー

Fifteen Jenny----------------フィフティーン
15 Jenny---------------------15才のジェニー

Ivy House-----------------------アイビーハウス
Flowerland---------------------- フローラルランド
Mint City------------------------ミントシティ
Honey Kids----------------------ハニーキッズ
Studio L.A.----------------------スタジオL・A
Hit Parade-----------------------ヒットパレード
Studio Street--------------------スタジオストリート
Sweet Bambini------------------スイートバンビーニ
Stylish Mode--------------------スタイリッシュモード
Love Way-----------------------ラブウェイ
Mode Style----------------------モードスタイル
Sweet Girl-----------------------スウィートガール
Cool & Berry---------------------クール&ベリー

Goth Loli-------------------------ゴスロリ
Graduation---------------------- 卒業
Kimono-------------------------- 着物
Yukata-------------------------- 浴衣
First Generation (for old Flora, Ellie, Jenny, Jeff)-----------------初代

This info is mostly from Jennys-Land and Wikipedia. I hope this helps people find pictures and information faster.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Free Licca coloring page

A printable PDF file
Color Licca and her friend Sakura. It's for a TRU-sponsored coloring contest.

I was hoping for a Jenny site update, but no such luck. They did update Licca's upcoming releases. This one looks like a lacy strawberry.

I scored black (or manba?) Photogenic Jenny on Mandarake. She should be here tomorrow.

Thursday, June 10, 2010


I grabbed a Nanami head on eBay. I thought I could use it with the Obitsu 25cm body I have, but the neck shape and skin color don't work. I wish Takara would upgrade the bodies. The faces are beautiful, but the bodies are still cheap clone quality.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Nobody is kidding when they call it EvilBay.

I sold an item. I got the payment on Monday. I double checked everything--there were no special requests. I printed the label on Monday, and set a pick-up for Tuesday.

The mailman picked the box up on Tuesday.

Before today, Wednesday, I probably visited my eBay seller page ten times.

This morning, I notice that there's an unanswered question on one of my items. It's a note that was attached with the Monday payment, asking me to please pack the item well, send a tracking number, and write the auction number on the outside of the box.

Ugh! I paid eBay several dollars for this transaction, is a functional website too much to ask? The buyers first two requests were done by default, but now I feel a bit foolish because I couldn't fulfill such a basic request. I apologized, and hope it doesn't cause any trouble for the buyer.

Ugh, eBay. Ugh! They dock sellers for shipping speed and communication, but can't guarantee that their own communication system will work.

Monday, June 7, 2010


I noticed that some more photos of M&C Toys Betty have popped up on Flickr lately. Yay! She's one of the cutest clones around.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Why don't more Barbies have personality?

The various superhero dolls are so much more distinctive than any other theme of releases. I can forgive Elektra's big head.