Saturday, November 9, 2013


I bought these when they were originally released, but only photographed them recently because I want to dig out the gift cards before they expire.  I wish this line had continued.  Some deluxe style Fashionistas will be released soon, but it's all pink and the same oversize Gen Girl they've used to death since 2009.

The girl with red hair has a jacket with a proper lapel, I miss these on playline and collector dolls.  She has great colors, great style.  I didn't intend to keep the doll, but she grew on me.

The Paris girl has the look of an everyday girl.  I searched and searched for one without scuffs in the painted eyelashes.  When I found one, I was so pleased.

An outfit pack.  I bought it mainly for the shoes, don't really care for the crop top or dress too much.