Thursday, December 22, 2016

Spotted the last two new Fashionistas.

I really like the AA Ken.  This copy had a ding in the eye paint, I'd like to buy a better copy of it.  I haven't bought a playline Ken in years.

And here's the bog standard Ken.  He's cute enough, and there's no pink on him.

And here's my loot for the past week.  I snagged two 2015 dolls I missed last year.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

I saw more of the new Fashionistas.

I didn't "need" any of them after seeing them in person.  The first two are completely new heads.

Here's Denim & Dazzle.  I don't want to own her, but I think she is charming.

Next is Zig & Zag.  I want to want her, but her face is so angular, it reminds me more of a Monster High head than a Barbie head.  It's still a cool design.

Here's Tutu Cool.  Her top somehow made her impossible for my phone to properly focus.  Because I liked the previous dolls with this head mold, I was excited for this one, but her eyes are too big and flat for me.

Last, here's one of the new Ken dolls.  He had pretty bad eye wonk.  At least the clothes are decent, and there's no pink.

Happy holiday toy hunting!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Woo, I saw 9 of the new Fashionistas! Part 2

I thought I might want this doll, but the ones I saw seemed a bit strange.

This one has nice earrings.  I like how the bun has a dual hair color, it's a pleasing little detail.

Here's the regular new Barbie head as a short redhead.

There's also a new Barbie head with a closed mouth.  I think the fashion is the most realistic of the bunch.

And here is the most generic of the bunch.  Her shoes are nice.