Thursday, September 16, 2010

GlamZone Janay

Jenny's release day

Given the current exchange rate, I have to pass. I had been looking forward to grabbing one of these as a birthday present, but even the swimsuit doll will cost over $30 once shipping is factored in.

Until the dollar recovers, there are Japanese blogs with pictures.

Japan Doll Association has tons.
Tokyokaloona entry that gives great photos of all the new Jennies. Check out the comparison with old Jenny!
Minmin06 blog entry
Mikage_k blog entry

I'm sure more will follow, they've only been out less than 24 hours.

Jenny gets her nails done!
More pics of boxed dolls
More pics of Extension Change Jenny
A fashion
One more pic of new Jenny

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Some fun Korean links

The first link is the doll section. It's full of an assortment of girls toys, from mostly the 1990s.

The second link is a great Westwood-knockoff Mimi doll. This is on my wishlist. Mimi's World has a blog. These dolls are GREAT! I wonder why eBay sellers never sell them, only the Mimi World remakes of Miki/Maki.

The last link is for Juju, by Young Toys. I would like a Juju, but they all come packed with cheap dollar store crap. No way I'm paying for EMS to ship that junk halfway around the world.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Jenny Rundown

Here's a quick rundown of the dolls. Translations may not be 100% accurate, so don't base a huge purchase only on my word.

3990 Yen dolls with gimmicks

All include a fashion, shoes, jewelry, and a stand.

Extension Change Jenny
She comes with an "Extension Maker" thing that clips "extensions" into Jenny's hair. She comes with some extensions and hair clips.

Pop Color Mirai
Includes water soluble markers for drawing on the hair and face. That's not going to end well.

Yurufuwa (Loose and Fluffy) Curl Jessica
Includes some hair curlers. The description mentions "memory hair" that I think is the same hair shown here.

Kira kawa deco (Sparkly Cute Deco) Ayano
Comes with 26 stickers you can stick all over her. Deco refers to the trend of coating an item with rhinestones and other charms.

Airy Cut Shion
Apparently comes with a dolly razor comb. Brilliant from a marketing perspective, maybe not so popular from a parenting perspective.

Other Dolls

Symbol Jenny 3360 Yen
Comes in a simple fashion with shoes, brush, and stand. Apparently "Symbol" means "logo" in this context, and her dress is meant to match the new packaging.

Jenny Room Wear 2625 Yen
Comes in a simple fashion with shoes.

Jenny Leotard Pink or Blue 1890 Yen each
Comes in a "leotard" and nothing else. No stand or shoes. Takara is so miserly with their shoes.


Love Jenny Wear Set, 2100 Yen each
Wear Box, 630 Yen Each
Cool Style for Jenny
Pop Casual Style for Mirai
Hime Gal (Princess Gal) Style for Jessica
LoveKawa (LoveCute) Style for Ayano
Onesan (Big Sister) Style for Shion

I think every term except "KiraKawaDeco" is a legitimate fashion term. I know I shouldn't be so impressed that a doll designer can pick up a fashion magazine, but the bar has been set so low lately. I want almost all of it.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kyoko Fukada Cosplays Jenny for Takara Fashion Show

Thanks to the Chinese Jenny Fanclub for the tip.

Takaratomy threw a fashion show on August 30th to promote the Jenny re-launch coming September 16th. They got pop singer/actress Kyoko Fukada to play Jenny. You can see videos here:

Articles with pics here:

I'm glad to see that they're supporting the Jenny line 100%. Surely they can (and did) survive with only Licca.