Sunday, October 23, 2016

Single Fashionistas deal at Target

I don't know if it's nationwide, or just a local glitch.  The pegs were marked down to $7.49 each, but rang up as $6.39 each.  I grabbed another copy of the curvy Latina, and the cherry red tall girl.  I think this curvy girl has a slightly sassier expression, though the hair is messy in the box.  It's Oct. 23rd, maybe the deal will last through the week.

Thursday, September 22, 2016

I brag about Hudson's finds.

Here are two recent Hudson's Dirt Cheap purchases.  Here are the girls I left behind.

I love shopping at Hudson's stores.  My grandmother loved it, my late aunt loved it.  I used to not live near one, but recently moved, so now I can dig for deals regularly.  Hudson's stores are where everything goes when no regular store wants it anymore.  Each shipment of junk gets a tag with a batch number and the original price (you hope) and they mark things down more the longer they sit out.  It's great if you only want to keep select pieces from a toy.  In this case, I can sell the dresses on eBay for a fair price, and not loose all my money to eBay fees.

I don't want to make Hudson's sound completely magical.  You have to check everything over completely.  My dolls were in mint condition in the crushed boxes, as were the redhead Teresas I left behind.  One copy of Curvy Blue had her neck snapped, though.  They are also bad for mis-pricing the original retail.

$24.99 "original price" for an $8 double fashion set, with one fashion stolen.  If this makes it down to 90% off, I might buy it and the unfortunate blue girl just for the shoes.  Speaking of shoes, Target has dumped their Bratz stock.

Dolls, shoes, playsets, fashions, it's all there at 40% off.  But regular stores had much better deals than that.  I won't touch it until it's at least 80% off, but that will be a few months away, and parents might buy it all first.

Sunday, September 11, 2016

I finally got my curvy Fashionista brunette.

I saw plenty of copies, but one eye is usually larger or skewed at a different angle on the head.  It took a while, but I finally found one that satisfied me.

Unfortunately, the top stitching on the collar is a little messy.  I don't know if I should wait for another, or just free her from the box .  I think I should just free her.

It's hard to get up the motivation, though.  I know she can't pose much, and most clothes won't fit her.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Saw the 2016 Holiday dolls.

I saw them in person, I really like the AA and brunette dolls.  The kindest thing I can say about the dresses is that at least each doll has a unique plastic bodice.  I'll wait for a sale, the 2015 dolls ended up under $10, and at least they had real dresses.

The AA girl reminds me of Janay.  It has now been ten years since Walmart dumped the Janay line, indirectly killing it completely.  R.I.P. Janay.  It doesn't seem so long ago.

I also like the brunette version.  Mattel scaled down one a the Fashionistas heads for the collector line.  I like that.  Her color palette was especially nicely chosen.

Fashionistas #31 Rock n Roll Plaid petite

I finally got her!  I'm so happy to have this cute little girl.  I think it's the same head mold as the tall Asian girl, but this eye print has both eyes facing completely forward, so I prefer it.

Unfortunately, I didn't realize until I got her home that she has a perforated line sewn across her forehead, in some kind of hair rooting machine accident.  All I want to do is tear her out of the box, but I should keep her NRFB and see if I can get a better copy.

I've got a Jenny Wear shirt that might be better for her, but I'll have to wait a bit to find out.  It's a Chinese-made doll, so there's a 50/50 chance the head doesn't have glue, I could just add some plugs into the holes.  But if there's glue in the head, I don't have the stamina or sanity left to fully reroot it.