Monday, June 5, 2017

2017 Wonder Woman compared to a Made to Move Barbie

I split it into a second part, so it's not so excessively image heavy.  I do wish she had more joints, but the solid wrists are beautifully sculpted.  I guess since she has no other shoes, it doesn't matter if the ankles aren't jointed.

2017 Wonder Woman Diana Prince

As soon as I saw them, I had to get one.  I picked the one with the best eye paint, maybe I'll get one of the other styles as well.  I enjoy mine, but the clothes on all are so cheap, they feel like modern 11.5 inch Mego action figures.

The body is like a taller, stronger Monster High body.  She only has one shoe mold for all the dolls, and the feet seem larger than Monster High.  The sword is well done.  The "hidden sheath" is just a loop of ribbon sewn into the back of the dress.

Saturday, April 29, 2017

City Shine AA Pink

So, I recently purchased my first "collector" Barbie since what looks like December 2013.  I quit because the quality just wasn't there anymore.  I picked up this one just for the dress, hoping to sell it and recoup a bit of the money.  I picked the only one in the store without 0_o eyes, and didn't realize until I had completely unboxed it that there was a line etched across the plastic of the forehead.  I sold it off for a just a few bucks just to get it out of my sight.

At least the dress is gorgeous!  It reminds me of the swimsuit/bodice fabric of one of the Jewel Secrets fashions I had as a kid.

I won't learn my lesson, and so I keep buying more dolls.  It just takes a while to update my blog, my only internet connection is a cell phone.

Thursday, February 9, 2017

2017 Barbie shoe packs

I saw these and grabbed them up.  I don't think Mattel has packaged shoes this way since the Fashion Avenue days.  I don't have any complaints, aside from not wanting another pair of those fringed sandals.  I understand there is another assortment of non-shoe accessories, but I've only seen these ones.

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Saw the new 2017 Beauty and the Beast dolls.

I don't care for the Emma Watson head.  Like many celebrity dolls, it's not very attractive, but it's not as bad as some have been.  I think the clothes should also be a lot better, considering the retail prices.  The ballroom pair are $50, the prince set is $40, the singing doll is $30, the basic ballgown Belle is $20, and the peasant Belle is $15.

I do like the prince.  I think he's got a nice generic face, and could be redressed in something better.  His hair is molded on, but I don't mind so much, 18th century heads are a rarity.  I'd like to get one if they go on clearance.

The rest of the photos.  I believe each Belle head has a slightly different paint color selection.  The singing doll has pinker blush, and a mole.