Tuesday, May 31, 2016

DollCatch Jade head before I wiped it

This head is on his way to eBay, so I wiped the whole thing.  It wasn't the best faceup, and the topcoat had taken on a crazed texture, so it went.  I'll be happy just to be rid of the thing.

I bought it from the company's opening sale back in 2009, it was a spin-off of Custom House.  One of my aunts was terminally ill back then, and I thought a pretty new doll would give me something positive to think about.  It took about three months to ship, and when it arrived, it was junk.  The two heads I chose were both roughly sculpted, lumpy in places, carelessly made.  Both had specks of black detritus embedded in their resin, the body had even bigger ones.  It cost over $300 including shipping.  Both Dollcatch and Custom House, rebranded as Aidolls, have since changed ownership and then closed.  Quality problems and shipping delays dogged them to the end.

It's not hideous, but it carries such an aura of disappointment, I can't keep it.  I wanted to turn Jade into a serious, tomboyish girl, but that's not how things worked out.  I suspect that DollCatch was really a way for Custom House to sell off their factory reject bodies.  At least they gave me a free wig, it's actually one of my favorite wigs.

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