Monday, June 6, 2016

Spotted new~ish Barbie fashions & cute Kelly variation

I didn't buy anything.

Fashions!  If you have a seam ripper, you could remake pale Desiree's skirt and pair it with that top.

I also noticed this really cute Kelly/Chelsea friend variant.  I forgot to check the countries of manufacture.  They have completely different facial screening.  They're the same height in the box.  I thought about buying the one on the left, but one eye was higher on the head.  Its so bad, it even showed up in the photo.  I cant believe they're charging $7 for a Kelly with a molded top, blah.

Here's a Barbie shoe giftset from Big Lots.  This would be pretty tempting if the colors were a bit better.  I think it's old~ish, I may have passed it by several times.  It's not a bad price.

Here are two giftsets from Big Lots' imported clone, Lovely Patsy.  Honestly, they're pretty cheap.

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olla123 said...

Witaj! Bardzo podoba mi się drugi zestaw oraz komplety z butami i złotymi ubrankami! Są świetne! Dziękuję za ich pokazanie! Pozdrawiam serdecznie!