Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Curvy Fashionistas #27 with blue hair "Sweetheart Stripes"

I got snookered with an impulse buy.  While at Walmart, I noticed this fresh case of dolls with a $2 off coupon stuck to the front.  This was the only new doll in the assortment, so I bought her.  I don't like to buy dolls with sunglasses over the eyes, I can't see the eyes, and the glasses may damage the head or paint.

She got the rushed deboxing treatment, because I absolutely want a different outfit for her.  Here's the outfit free of the box glare.  This fashion deserved a bigger budget, at least enough for the peplum to to be the same material as the bodice.

Here's the doll free of the sunglasses, which also had dings on both lenses.  The eyes are just slightly off center, but I haven't seen a single doll with this head mold with perfectly centered eyes.  The paint has a few slight issues, and the glasses left a dent on the forehead.  It's not terrible, but I do feel like Mattel should raise the price a few dollars and raise the overall quality, at least to give them better fashions and make sure nothing is damaged.

Her right eyebrow has a slight smudge, and there's a paint peck in the inner left eye corner.  It's nothing disastrous, but this is why I prefer to see the eyes before buying.

The arms have a decent range of motion, thank goodness.  Overall, I'm not really impressed, but at least it was only $6.  I'm going to attempt to sew a new simple dress for her, if I don't get distracted by my cat first.

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