Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Sparkle Girls, Pony Girls, and scary Dorothy

My normal Walmart was out of catfood, so I had to venture out to the Walmart in the fancy part of town.  The fancy Walmat has a much better doll selection.

First, they had new clones.  Clones are always amusing to me, because they're rarely announced at Toy Fair or on any websites.  They can be cheap direct copies, general knockoffs, original dolls, or a piecemeal mix of all three.  They exist at their own pace and direction.
Here are the Sparkle Girls.  They're not quite Bratz or My Scene, and they have vaguely Disney-esque fashions.  They're made by Funville Limited.  While the dolls are pretty cheap, the dresses deserve some credit.  The yellow bodice has actual darts down the front, and the two skirts with nylon knit overlays have the overlays serged so they won't fray.  I'm fond of the two dresses on the left, but not for $4.97.  I didn't dig through all of them, they were really wedged in there.

Using clone maker logic, Tianabell was invented.

Another new release is Hasbro's Equestria Girls.  Hasbro has my praise for getting their dolls out in a timely fashion.  The downsides are that their clothes suck and the dolls are overpriced.  I'll grab a few once they finally get marked down.  I favor Apple Jack.
Saved for the end, a creepy Wizard of Oz doll.  I don't know if they're all this way, I only saw one copy.  It has a very heavy brow ridge.  The prototype pictures are very cute, but this one was Ferengi-like in person.  I like very cute dolls, so Mattel just saved me some cash.
She looks a bit devious.  I don't understand why the brow ridge is so incredibly pronounced, especially on a female doll.


Presto said...

That Dorothy looks like she drops houses on people... and *enjoys* it!

MissSpottyJane said...

I wouldn't put it past her.