Friday, August 16, 2013

13 Wishes Freshwater Lagoona Blue

Even as I dump dolls on eBay, I couldn't stop myself from buying another one.  In my defense, she's possibly the cutest Monster High doll so far.  Lagoona Blue somehow collided with Francie, and this is the result.

She's a ye-ye sea monster with big doe eyes, soft nude lips, and a skin color near the Three Eyed Girl CAM.  I had to hunt to find on with the bangs cut right above the eyes, I think that really makes the look.
The dress is pretty simple for a $20 release, it feels more like a swimsuit line piece.  It manages to hit three of my pet peeves at once; unhemmed knit mesh, unhemmed skirt, and goofy jagged edges.
I don't think Mattel can top this Lagoona.  She's very vibrant and strange, but there's nothing harsh about her.