Thursday, August 8, 2013

Ghoul's Alive Spectra and variant

I never intended to buy this doll twice, but I got a little stupid when I noticed the new shipments didn't look like the one I already had.  The first doll has a sort of puckered expression.  The second has relaxed eyebrows, wider eyes, and darker paint colors.  I think I may be able to part with the un-puckered doll, now that I have the Picture Day version.

There's an unfortunate seam line across the foreheads of all of them.  The head also doesn't join properly with the neck.  If you want a Spectra like the first edition, this is the best bet, because the newer ones use a totally different head mold.

The dress is a chintzier version of the 1st edition dress.  I only ever saw one 1st edition in person, from the second-rate second run, so I left it.  It seems like a slap in the face that, like Cupid, the crumby versions are all most people will ever get.

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