Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Picture Day Spectra Vondergeist

 This is only a questionable purchase because I already own two Spectras.  I love her.  While Catrine and Cupid are tepid to me, this girl is a superstar.  Also an out of town purchase, the ones I saw locally all had unimpressive paint jobs.  It's a shame, because this edition of the doll is lovely.  My other two Spectras are Ghouls Alive, and the head mold is completely different.

I could quibble about the fashion design a bit, but the colors and print are just so pretty.  The turquoise irises stand out against all those purples and pinks.  Unlike Cupid and Catrine, she doesn't seem to pink to me, her pinks are all purple-pinks. 

Speaking of Catrine, next to Picture Day Spectra, I notice that Catrine's lavender hair is a cooler, and possibly more gray-ish tone.

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