Sunday, July 21, 2013

Monster High Harpy and Siren CAMs

These never showed up locally.  I love the Harpy.  It's too bad there will never be a matching body and upper limbs.  The Harpy's big, wide-set eyes seem reminiscent of the flying demon girl from the movie V/H/S, so good for her.

 She has a nice skin color in between pink and lavender.  I don't know why her eyebrows are blue, maybe to tie her in with the Siren CAM pieces.

Her bright eyes really stand out.  While they are wide set, she doesn't have a dopey, spaced out look.
The print on the dress is a trendy fashion print.  Lately, many of the MH fashion prints are less stylish and more kiddie, so I appreciate the cute prints even more.
There's not much point in taking her out of the box until I can get some kind of body for her.

The the Siren is really the worst Monster High head out there.  I'm not being a pill, I was honestly surprised to see such a clone-looking doll as an official release.

I hope later waves will look better.  I know sometimes Spectra looks awful, but another shipment of the same edition will look fine.  I photographed two different dolls at different stores, I think the bottom one had smaller eyes, but it wasn't an improvement.

I still haven't seen the two new starter sets.

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