Monday, July 1, 2013

Kenya and Beauty Girl at Hudson's

I made a quick trip through Louisiana and Mississippi, and hit four Hudson's Dirt Cheap outlets.  I was mostly hunting for practical items, and passed up a lot of Barbie The Look stuff at unimpressive discounts.  IMO it's all so overpriced that even 50-60% off isn't very tempting.

One of the Hattiesburg stores had some Kenya stock at 40% off, but regular stores run better sales than that.  I somehow hadn't seen Kenya or the Monster High clones until now.  The Kenya fashion dolls were all the same skin tone, I expected them to be like SIS.  I didn't care for the modern oversized head, but the doll is well enough made that it looks like a "real" doll instead of a sad $1 clone like Polly.  These were originally dollar store stock, so Polly was also there.
The Kenya Minis are very cute.  I don't collect child dolls, but I think these are cute enough to be tempting.  They were too small to photograph, though.  IIRC they did come in varying skin tones.

The Monster High clone was surprisingly cute, they only had one with a scuffed eye left.  The heads look like Livs, but are much smaller.

They also had a bunch of Beauty Girl dolls.  The box shows lovely collectors' edition Barbie dolls of the past.

Open the box, and get a surprise.

I don't know why clone companies insist on packing the cheapest clones in such uneconomical fancy packaging, but they do.

I did grab a few Target toys at 60-70% off, but managed to not binge.

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D7ana said...

Thanks for sharing news about the Kenya, the Midnight Magic series, and the Beauty Girl series. I am amazed that the latter have photos of actual Barbies on their box. There must not be enough of them out for Mattel to miss a suit, lol.

Looking forward to seeing your Target purchases. On the seat edge ;-)