Friday, July 26, 2013

Country Kuttiez Jessie by Playhut

I had been waiting to get this girl for a while.  For several years, they've been sold in China under the name "Daisy," and I've watched them on TaoBao.  They aren't popular enough to be sold piecemeal like Kurhn and Barbie, and are usually packed in huge boxes, so the international shipping fees deterred me.

I'm glad to see that Playhut brought them over.  Amazon temporarily dropped the price the other night, so I grabbed her.  I picked this one in particular because I like strawberry blondes.

(Pardon my grimy lawn chair.)

The quality of the doll is acceptable to me, for a small brand playline doll.  The eyes are centered, the paint is precise.  I would rate the facial quality at around the same level as the 2012 Winx.  I would rate the clothes the same way, not the greatest, but still a step above the stuff the dollar store gets.  The hair is cheap nylon, and a bit sparse at the crown.
The body is that bellybutton clone with the skinny legs.  It's a slightly more sallow shade than the head.  The legs are much too rigid to bend, but there's a click/bend skeleton inside them.  The boots are MyScene knockoffs.

She's marked "DAISY" on the back of her head.

Here she is next to Kurhn.  She's obviously meant to be Kurhn-like, but she has her own sculpt.  Her features are softer and more delicately sculpted than Kurhn's, though I do prefer Kurhn's sculpted eye sockets over the smooth formless ones.

The box is copyrighted 2011, and Playhut has been sitting on the domain name for a while without doing anything with it.

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