Thursday, May 29, 2014

Disney Store John Smith

John Smith is another Disney guy I sold off.  I feel like the heads on these are too smooth and featureless for their large size.  It's a bit awkward in person.  The paint job on his hairline was a mess.  I liked his boots.


D7ana said...

I have the basic John Smith - got him from Walmart or Target. He's one of the few Disney guys with a normal-sized head. Rooted, too.

I have never seen this guy you have. Him, I would sell, too, lol. His head looks gi-normous.

Ms. Leo said...

That John Smith was done by Mattel. The larger heads are done by the Disney store!

Dollz4Moi said...

I have the original JS doll with rooted hair. The DS guys are so hmm unnerving for me. Not loving the grins or new looks. He was a goner from go LOL