Friday, May 30, 2014

Disney Store Cinderella's Prince Charming

Cinderella's Prince Charming joined Sleeping Beauty's Prince Charming in leaving my collection.  Like the other Disney guys, I don't care for the big heads, shiny polyester clothes, or poor articulation.  His jacket, sewn like a shirt, is almost transparent.  That's not very princely or charming.  I do think they're OK for kids, but I have too much stuff, and just being OK doesn't cut it anymore.

Of the trio of interchangeable Disney Store Princes, the only one I have kept is Snow White's The Prince.  I bought him first, and he seems to me to have a more pleasant face.  He's also the only one who isn't grinning.


Ms. Leo said...

I have the Mattel version of this doll too with normal sized head.

Barb the Evil Genius said...

I think I have the first Mattel version of Prince Charming. And I'm pretty sure his head is normal size.