Wednesday, December 5, 2012

My pre-Black Fridy Haul Pt. 2: Monster High

When I went to Wal-Mart, I intentionally waited over half an hour after opening, to avoid stampedes and nastiness.  I figured the $10 Monster High dolls would be cleared out by the first scalper in the building, so 45 minutes was as good as coming at the opening time.  I lucked out, there were maybe a half dozen dolls left with damaged boxes, stashed haphazardly under baby dolls.

I got Mad Science Lagoona.  I didn't want this doll until they had all sold out, I'm glad she got a second run.

I also picked up Frankie for her clothes.  I'm not crazy about bright red lips on a mint green doll.  I'll stick with Gloom Beach Frankie.

I also re-bought the Sea Monster CAM set at full price, she's the first one I've seen with good paint since I returned the first set.  I felt kind of iffy dropping so much on dolls in one trip, but but but.  I don't have any excuses and still feel pretty bad about it.  The wig doesn't fit at all.

The best part of the Black Friday sale is that they cleared out all the ratty unwanted stuff that had been taking up shelf space for months.  My store had about 30 wonkey-eyed Cupid re-issues, they're finally gone.  I halfway wanted a Cupid, but I never saw a satisfactory one.

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