Thursday, December 13, 2012

2012 Dolls of the World India

India was my 4th quarter Barbie Collector purchase. I grabbed her at their Pink Friday sale. 20% off and then $20 off that, it was a good deal. Most of the ones I've seen in person have pretty wonky eyes, mine isn't the worst I've seen. The lips and eyeshadow have a yellow glimmer to match her dress. The inside of the skirt is overlocked, and the shoes are sewn fabric instead of plastic. The dress is a soft fake silk, it's really not too bad.  It's a shame they didn't budget for better face painting.

I think the boxes for this series are too busy and overwhelm the dolls inside. The dolls will look a bit nicer once they're free.  Mattel usually avoids yellow and orange clothing, so this girl will really stand out in any collection.

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