Friday, November 30, 2012

My pre-Black Fridy Haul Pt. 1: Bratz

I ended up not doing anything for Thanksgiving, so when I found out Wal-Mart had opened at 8:00 with their doll deals, I decided to go.  My goals were all Black Friday Bratz.  These ladies showed up in Canada weeks ago, I wanted Cloe and Meygan.  I got both, so I'm happy.

The face paint on these is much messier than the $5 dolls from last year.  I had to hunt for good ones, and Cloe still has melted hair.  Meygan is almost perfect, and her design is beautiful.  When I brought her home, I felt like I could toss out all my other Bratz, and I'd never miss them.  After I got Cloe out of the box, I cut off half her hair.  I de-tangled a Rock 'n Curl Jem once, and that was a cakewalk compared to Cloe.  Life's just too short.


Dollz4Moi said...

I didn't go out for Black Friday. I did find the other version of Meygan & this Cloe you have posted. They were $6.97. They were the only 2 left on the shelf. I'm loving this version of Meygan right now

MissSpottyJane said...

Cool! I'm glad there were enough of these girls to go around.

Dailey_Star said...

Congrats on getting them! I love them both, especially Meygan!