Friday, December 14, 2012

Couture Barbie Angel #2

This wasn't a doll I was planning on buying. When they came out, I saw three in person, and all had very empty, dazed expressions. I came across a fresh pile at Big Lots, and picked a good one.  I like her for $15, but can't believe Mattel originally priced her higher than the holiday dolls, that usually have more complex dresses and embroidery.

The selling point for me is the eye color.  The irises are light blue, with a brown outline instead of the usual black one.  The colors are pale and a bit muted, but still glamorous.  The right eye has two more eyelashes than the left, an interesting intentional asymmetry.  It's a really beautiful doll, I'm surprised she ended up at $15.


Dailey_Star said...

She looks beautiful. Great purchase, especially for that price!

Nora said...

I have this doll myself. My friend picked her up for me at Wal-mart last year for just $5.00 more than what you paid. You definitely got a bargain. :)

Everaldo said...