Monday, August 15, 2016

Saw Ari Hauntington + other MH musings

I saw Ari Hauntington for the first time.  The shimmery plastic is lovely, but I think the face is a little bland in person.  The fashion feels like a bargain edition Spectra fashion.  I think Mattel is making a big mistake by not giving every single doll a knockout outfit.

I also noticed the Gloom Beach re-release Frankie, and was surprised by how much bigger the eyes were, and how much less subtle the makeup was, compared to the original.

There's a real comparison on YouTube, made by somebody who deboxed one.  I'm not sure the head mold has changed, but the eyes are definitely bigger.  Gloom Beach Frankie was the first MH doll I bought, and still my favorite Frankie.  Many of the recent dolls don't seem as attractive to me as the early dolls, so I don't mind the reboot as a concept, but I haven't seen anything more appealing so far.

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