Monday, August 29, 2016

Saw the 2016 Holiday dolls.

I saw them in person, I really like the AA and brunette dolls.  The kindest thing I can say about the dresses is that at least each doll has a unique plastic bodice.  I'll wait for a sale, the 2015 dolls ended up under $10, and at least they had real dresses.

The AA girl reminds me of Janay.  It has now been ten years since Walmart dumped the Janay line, indirectly killing it completely.  R.I.P. Janay.  It doesn't seem so long ago.

I also like the brunette version.  Mattel scaled down one a the Fashionistas heads for the collector line.  I like that.  Her color palette was especially nicely chosen.


Barb the Evil Genius said...

I can't speak for other playline dolls, but Mattel's theme lately seems to be Budget. Which may all be explained by the economy. Do you think that plastic bodice comes off?

MissSpottyJane said...

I couldn't tell if the plastic bit was sewn on or glued on. I think the red and dark blue dresses would look prettier without it. The light blue one doesn't seem to have any fabric over the bust.