Sunday, May 6, 2012

Liv Twist n Dance Sophie

I grabbed all five of these girls back before Christmas, just for their clothes and possibly wigs. I've kept them around MIB for a while, because they are fairy cute, I didn't want to regret selling off the dolls. I've got too much stuff, and I've got to get going, because the space doesn't clear itself.

I'm starting off with Sophie, I can't help but think of these girls as a band, and Sophie is the lead singer. With the Electro-Pop Dynamite Girls, Twist n Dance Livs, and Goddess of the Galaxy Barbie, it seems the only company where Jem's spirit doesn't still live is Hasbro.

My only complaint with this fashion is the stay stitch used on the skirt instead of a real hem.

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D7ana said...

I had not thought to connect the modern neon themed dolls with Jem. Interesting.