Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bratz Style It Rylan

Rylan is my recent find that I'm pretty proud of. I was worried that I wouldn't be able to get one, because the Bratz with darker skin and hair colors all sell out before the Cloe-like dolls. Rylan was the only darker skin-tone doll in the four doll assortment released right around Black Friday, and impossible to find. I thought I had missed her for good when the new 2012 Bratz started coming out, but two weeks ago my nearest Wal-Mart got in four dolls each of Nadine and Maci, and Myra and Jaylene from the earlier fall wave. Maci has black hair and was almost as impossible to find as Rylan, so at least this confirms that somebody at MGA is paying some attention to what sells. That's good news.

I don't know how I can justify keeping Rylan and tossing out Myra. They're almost the same skin color.  They all use the same painting stencils, it seems ridiculous to put so much thought into it.  I like her simplicity.

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