Monday, August 22, 2011

"Designer" Disney Dolls

"Designer" is in quotes, because there isn't a famous designer brand behind them. It looks like they're using the current Disney Store doll molds. They're $60 each, with an edition number of 8,000 per doll. (ETA 10/15/11: Due to various issues, the remaining 5 dolls will be sold on Oct. 18th. Read the full notice on the Disney Store Blog. Edition numbers vary per doll, Rapunzel 6000, Jasmine 6000, Tiana 4000, Aurora 4000, Pocahontas 4000.)

Here's a slide show of promo photos and art.

Somebody got photos of the real dolls.
They will be released one doll per week, over ten weeks. Cinderella is already on the site.

They also debuted 17" Queen of Hearts and Alice, for $100 each.

In my opinion, the 12" dolls look poorly executed for $60 "collector" dolls. The dresses don't fit the dolls as well as they should, and some of the materials look cheap. I rant about Mattel a lot, but their $60 dolls definitely have nicer fashions.

I really like the regular dolls. I hope they will keep adding to that line. I hope I can get out to a Disney store and buy some regular dolls in person.

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