Saturday, September 10, 2011

Hudson's Dirt Cheap

Hudson's Treasure Hunt and Hudson's Dirt Cheap are a single chain of salvage stores located in Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana. They buy unsold, returned, and damaged merchandise from regular stores, and resell it at their stores. The best bargains are at the Dirt Cheap stores.

The dirtier and messier the store is, the better the bargains are. Merchandise is totally random in age, type, quality, and quantity. The longer it sits out, the more it gets marked down. I almost always shop there when I visit family.

This visit wasn't very productive for doll buying. I felt pretty guilty leaving this girl there, both her legs were in the bag. 50% off of $21.99 was too much. Easily repaired dolls can be a good buy, but Draculaura is $18 brand new.

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Ms. Leo said...

Yeah, you really got to know what is worth the purchase!