Tuesday, March 2, 2010

"Lovely Lisa and Friends"

TOMY has released "Lovely Lisa and Friends" as a follow-up to the 2008 "Lovely Lisa" game. Lovely "Lisa" is, in fact, Lovely Licca.

I hope that if the second game does well, there might be some hope for Licca in the US. In 2005, Takara USA displayed their doll lines at Toy Fair, and at least one Jenny doll was available through Toys R Us/Amazon's joint website. After TRU split up with Amazon, the dolls disappeared.

In summer 2005, they kicked off the "Tokyo Posse" doll line, using Jenny bodies and heads. The line started with two FLCL characters, and was projected to have more dolls from other series. The dolls look nothing like the characters, cost $40 each, and bombed terribly. They are now worth only a few dollars each, apparently they were grossly over-produced as well.

Playline Jenny seems to be out of production in Japan, and has been for several years. Scheduled releases were delayed indefinitely.

I think Licca and regular Jenny would sell well in America. They never really got a chance in 2005.

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D7ana said...

MSJ, there was a Lisa doll briefly sold around 1978. Tomy might have been the manufacturer of that doll (And her friend Lori although I am not sure that Lori was ever actually sold here.) There was Lisa and her kitchen, as well as Lisa in other settings. She had reddish brown hair and a flat magnetic disk stand. (Her platform shoes had magnets in the heel.) She had the skinniest legs imaginable.

I had not thought about that Lisa in years. I no longer have her. Don't know what happened to her, but I know that I no longer have her.

Interesting about Takara bringing her to the U.S. again.

Thanks for this post - took me back to the memory of that doll.