Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Crazy sale deals from Japan.

Hobby Link Japan has blonde 2nd edition Sakurana on sale for 5000 yen, about $55. Here's the link.

I never thought I would get a Sakurana, because the prices are just insane.

Here's the rest of their doll sale category. There's a 750 yen Compact Jenny, and some 50% off Cy Girls, mini Dals and Mini Pullips.

AmiAmi has a 1/2 off international shipping sale through the end of the month, but it only counts if the product ships within March. They don't have much in stock, though.


D7ana said...

The Alesandro Del Piero figure is soooo cute. Sob. I like Michael Ballack, too, although he doesn't seem as cute. In action figure form. And Rui ... Rui is the other Girls Mission doll that I have wanted.

Wish I could get them now. Thsnks for sharing this information.

MissSpottyJane said...

I want so many of their action figure-y dolls, but I have to be good.