Monday, June 5, 2017

2017 Wonder Woman Diana Prince

As soon as I saw them, I had to get one.  I picked the one with the best eye paint, maybe I'll get one of the other styles as well.  I enjoy mine, but the clothes on all are so cheap, they feel like modern 11.5 inch Mego action figures.

The body is like a taller, stronger Monster High body.  She only has one shoe mold for all the dolls, and the feet seem larger than Monster High.  The sword is well done.  The "hidden sheath" is just a loop of ribbon sewn into the back of the dress.


D7ana said...

Lovely doll although I would paint her lips closed. Congrats on getting her. Thanks for sharing your photos of her.

FDFdolls Doll Collector/Seller said...

Her neck seems unusually short, but otherwise an interesting doll. Thanks for posting pictures so the actual body underneath clothing can be seen. Too many times I've purchased a doll then found body attributes I didn't like and immediately wanted to switch bodies.