Saturday, April 29, 2017

City Shine AA Pink

So, I recently purchased my first "collector" Barbie since what looks like December 2013.  I quit because the quality just wasn't there anymore.  I picked up this one just for the dress, hoping to sell it and recoup a bit of the money.  I picked the only one in the store without 0_o eyes, and didn't realize until I had completely unboxed it that there was a line etched across the plastic of the forehead.  I sold it off for a just a few bucks just to get it out of my sight.

At least the dress is gorgeous!  It reminds me of the swimsuit/bodice fabric of one of the Jewel Secrets fashions I had as a kid.

I won't learn my lesson, and so I keep buying more dolls.  It just takes a while to update my blog, my only internet connection is a cell phone.

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