Monday, December 8, 2014

TaoBao eyes part 2

Four pairs of low-end eyes with small irises.  Only the blue pair has any threading.  The others are from Mini Fairy Tales, here's their full shop, or just the tiny iris eyes.

All look good on their own, but only the all-green ones satisfy me in a doll.  The blue ones are good quality, but very bright, it clashes with the skin tones in peson.  My pictures:

Enough synthetic hair wefts to make five custom wigs for my dolls with abnormal head sizes.  A silicone head protector in 60cm and 60cm small.  One set of Happy Camille eyelashes in brown.

I haven't used the protectors yet.  The eyelashes are perfect.  The hair wefts are OK, but the seller sent 3 gray and 1 black instead of 2 each.  Eh.

Now I need to work on nice, new clothes for everybody.  It's cold and hard to find motivation.

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