Monday, December 23, 2013

University of Oklahoma Barbies

I may end up selling both of these.  I don't think they're bad dolls, but the eyes are pretty big and pretty flat.  A lot of recent Barbie collector dolls have been this way.  I guess Mattel is trying to recapture the style of 1990s dolls, but I'm not crazy about 90s dolls so it's not for me.

They both look like teenagers.  It's a nice change for the collector line.  Even in the Fashion Fever days, a lot of the dolls looked 30+ in teenager clothing.  I may keep the AA version, I have a soft spot for her, even though I already own several similar dolls.


ChampagneBarbie said...

I really like these dolls!! Ive always been fond of cheerleader dolls since the culture here we dont really have cheerleaders compared to the US.
Ive been wanting the tea set fashions for ages and have also been waiting to find one on sale on line!
Merry Christmas!

MissSpottyJane said...

Good luck at finding it online. Happy new year!

Ms. Leo said...

I really like the face on both these dolls. They look young and fresh!